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  • Click if a page is not loading or is not displayed/working good. Nasa images is one of that sites.
  • If your search keyword does not pass on the databases below, please see troubleshooting section on the about tab.
  • Advanced Search * is not supported by all pages below. Reduce the search Terms ** if you are not getting results.
  • Some pages, do not support combined search terms. Aviation search engine will use below order
    1. Construction number.
    2. Serial/Bort number.
    3. Country.
    4. Search key.
    and query that term only. So you might to reduce the terms if you are not getting any results.
  • We use a fuzzy search on their aircraft - country lists, so don't be surprised for the results. If no exact match is found other results may be listed.

* We consider the field "Keyword" a Basic Search and all others fields an Advanced Search.
** By Reducing the search Terms we mean to leave some fields blank.

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  • The purpose of this site

    This site is created for the aviation scale modeler. It's designed to save time for the actual hobby and introduce websites that modellers may find usefull.

    It's a non profit service.

  • Accessibility

    You can use Aviation Search Engine from your browsers quick search, it's called "open search". Add "Aviation Search Engine" option that will appear on the quick search menu and you will able to search for references even faster!
    How to add quick Search on your Browser

  • Troubleshooting

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    If your search keywords are getting an "s/" prefix, you have the old "open search" plugin. Please remove it, via your browser settings and install the new one. More info can be found at the accessibility section.

  • Change log
    • 2018/Aprtl/2
      • Removed all tabs with google custom seatch engine. Their API updated and our site stopped working.
      • New domain name: Old domain will redirect here for a while and then will stop working.
    • 2017/Aug/16
      • Added an option to search for country.
      • Best data matching with the ability to fuzzy search.
      • Fix for the button that opens active tab, from the databases section, in a new window.
      • Html Optimizations.
      • Fix for Airfighter's search and Aircraft Data.
      • Best search for using their aircraft list and now with combined advanced search terms.
      • Combined Advanced search for
      • Fix combined search terms where multiple terms were not applied.
      • Update search for combined search terms.
      • Myaviation_ir: Added B-1B Lancer to their aircraft list because is missing and they have some photos online.
    • 2017/Aug/5
      • Update for, better search results using their aircraft list.
      • Minor improvement with the first load rendering.
    • 2017/Aug/2 (Beta release)
      • Added, All, Nasa images,,
      • Added an option to search for serial/bort and construction/manufacturer number.
    • 2017/July/23
      • Added
      • Added and czechairspotters's gallery.
      • Added some tools on the links.
      • New option to open a database to a new tab.
      • On the database section, search icon is changed to a button.
    • 2017/June/3
      • Improve indicator for iframe loading.
    • 2017/March/19
      • New feature: Indicate when a database is loading.
    • 2017/March/12
      • Airliners update, New feature: Next, Prev Database buttons.
    • 2017/March/06
      • - PlanesSpotters, + Plane-mad, Update: AirBritain, Airliners and Jetphotos.
    • 2016/Sep/01
      • Fixed an important bug that 12 Aug update caused and the database search stopped working for the most sites.
    • 2016/Aug/12
      • Added Iranian's photography database. For this engine we have hardcoded the list of their Aircraft type, so it may need update once they add a new Aircraft Type. First we try to match our keyword in the hardcoded Aircraft Type List. If we find results there we search their site for the corresponded type id, else we ask for the keyword. We did all this because the keyword search looks only on the photo description, which most of the time is empty.
    • 2016/May/30
      • Added Ukraine's spotters and database.
      • Fixed some bugs.
    • 2015/Dec/18 & 19
      • Added Air-Britain's database.
      • Databases tab > Added "Search all databases at once" option
    • 2015/Dec/16
      • Update functionality for database
      • Css changes @ info and about tabs for better viewing on 1280 screens
    • 2015/Dec/08
      • Added the database section. Soon sites that are listed on this section will be removed from the "Refs" tab.
    • 2015/Nov/19
      • Fixed a bug with the "open search" engine where you couldn't search for the character /. eg "F-14 1/48" would not pass to the page correctly.To see the results you must uninstall your old search engine from your browser and install the new one!
      • Decreased the header's font size so it will not wrap text in smaller screen sizes.
    • 2014/Nov/25
      • First beta release.
  • Contact email

    If something is bothering you about this website or you have any suggestions please contact us!